When you hear the word “creative” what comes to your mind? While some many envision a beautiful piece of art, others may see colourful splashes of strokes taking the shape of a stunning painting, and many others would remember the famous works of art – like The Mona Lisa or may be the Last Supper.

Well, there are infinite avenues that can be explored when you decide to walk down “the creative” lane and in today’s highly competitive scenario this is not only important but essential too!


Sadly, many view Art as just a simple hobby, an activity that keeps kids busy. But very few realize that by performing these simple acts of creativity, you are in fact, nurturing a child’s mental development, building their motor and coordination skills, improving their language skills and most importantly giving them that vital chance and medium to express their ideas and thoughts clearly and not to forget creatively too!


At The National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA), we are committed to play this essential role of building the thought process and creativity of today’s kids.


The NIFA Art & Craft programs follow a highly progressive structure and have been conceptualized for the age groups – Pre-school to Grade 10. These aim at building the aesthetic awareness, cultural awareness and representation of the kids along with making them good team players and vital contributors.


Art & Craft Workshops at Schools

We regularly partner with academic institutions and help with the execution of many Art & Craft workshops in the school premises.


In-school and After-school modules

We have a vast collection of Art & Craft modules which can be taught in the form of both in-school and after-school sessions.


Weekend Workshops

We also provide the option of weekend workshops where class are held over weekends, when the kids are relatively free.


Summer Vacation Workshops

Keeping the kids occupied during their summer breaks and most importantly ensuring that these breaks are effective utilized in picking up essential life skills, is something that every parent looks for year on year. At NASCA, we completely understand you and have thus crafted a series of unique summer vacation workshops. These ensure that the children learn many new and innovative fine arts during their long summer vacations.


Competitions and Exhibitions

To build a competitive spirit amongst our students, we at regular intervals set up exhibitions and initiate many Art & Craft related competitions.


Progressive Teaching Methodology

Solid and Comprehensive coverage of Art & Craft concepts

Workshops delivered within the school premises

Level-wise certification


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